Do you have an alumni network that is reaching its full capacity?

An active and well-managed alumni network not only stimulates professional connections amongst individuals as they are leaving institutions or programs, but it also stimulates connections between alumni of your institution with those of other institutions and companies. This leads to long-term academic sustainability, greater recognition, a stronger identity and added value for your institution.

In order for alumni to be able to support and strengthen the identity of institutions and to exchange knowledge, experiences and connections, A-Link will carry out the following through its ARM service:

  • mentoring: organizing workshops and prompting networking amongst individual alumni and amongst organizations
  • reunions: organizing alumni networking events, reunions, etc.
  • blog: writing and maintaining the site with news, interesting alumni achievements, tips and advice, etc.
  • content & community management: : managing common alumni channels on social media networks
  • database: managing and updating an alumni database and sharing its information amongst members
Conceptualize and create your own alumni network with our guidance!