Would you like for the best candidates from Croatia and from abroad to come to your institution? Would you like to be networked with other institutions and their students and employees? Would you like to increase the number of applicants to your programs, jobs or other competitions?

Using the EduPRom service, you will save time and money with guaranteed professionalism and long-term cost-effectiveness!

The EduPRom service defines A-Link as a promoter and regional or international representative for your institution or educational program. Through EduPRom, you will get more interaction and face-to-face promotional activities. Using this service, A-Link will also work as a recruiter (or head-hunter) and as an intermediary between the best and most promising candidates and your institution.

EduPRom includes the following activities:

  • representing your educational institution or program at various other institutions (including abroad)
  • participating at educational or career fairs in Croatia and abroad
  • responding to questions about study programs and student life
  • guiding desired candidates to/through the application process
  • organizing and carrying out focus groups with the option of conducting preliminary interviews
  • distributing posters, flyers, brochures and other promotional materials
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